6/08/18 Monthly Restorative
Patrick Franco 
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm $30 / $25 Member Price View More

Join Patrick with live music. Percussionist Meghan Chappius joins this special Restorative event. Treat yourself.

Our most gentle class is appropriate for everyone! No Yoga Experience Necessary!

Bolsters, blankets, blocks, and the occasional chair help to organize the body in relaxing poses that create space, openness, and awareness. Restorative poses align the breath, decompress the inner body, and leave you feeling refreshed and perfectly at ease!

Please arrive safely and on time, there is no late entry to this class. 48 Hour Cancellation policy.

6/17/18 Ananda Rasa Kirtan
w/ David Estes + Band 
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm $20 View More

Ananda Rasa Kirtan led by vocalist / multi-instrumentalist David Estes.
The sound is rooted in traditional Sanskrit chants with original melodies derived from Indian raga scales.

Soak yourself in the ecstatic and mystical moods of Bhakti in call and response chanting.

Additional musical influences included Sufi Qawwali and roots reggae. www.anandarasa.com