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This is our place to include news, thoughts and ideas, as well as interviews with those who master the Art of Being in their own way. We created this with the mission of going deeper, and we hope that connecting and sharing will inspire and help light the way for all on their yogic path.


Desiree Fiorentino

Hi I’m Desiree but you can call me Des or Desi. I consider myself the Bodega Cat of Yogamaya, always around or lingering closeby. My first passion in life is helping people which has manifested as a career of doing hair and more recently teaching yoga.

I had no awareness of the impact my practice had on myself until someone dear mentioned it. I knew it felt good and that’s all that mattered. When I’m not cutting hair, I’m running away to a beach or burying my nose in my yoga studies. I blend my other passions of recovery, chanting, reiki and laughter into my classes. I finished my 200hr at Yogamaya and currently working towards my 500hr.

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