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This is our place to include news, thoughts and ideas, as well as interviews with those who master the Art of Being in their own way. We created this with the mission of going deeper, and we hope that connecting and sharing will inspire and help light the way for all on their yogic path.


Annabelle McDonald

Annabelle has practiced yoga for many years in NYC. She’s a believer in the transformative power of practice on all levels, and aspires to convert the inflexible nay-sayers into passionate, dedicated students.

With a background as an award-winning television producer, Annabelle takes a logical, practical approach to her classes (yes, she’s a Virgo), but her love of the practice is always evident. She creates a calm environment including space for just being, and believes that with a small kernel of willingness, anything is possible. Annabelle loves practicing yoga, teaching yoga, making videos, and spending quality time with Max the cat.

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