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This is our place to include news, thoughts and ideas, as well as interviews with those who master the Art of Being in their own way. We created this with the mission of going deeper, and we hope that connecting and sharing will inspire and help light the way for all on their yogic path.


Lindsey Rozmes

Truth seeker, balance tipper, believer in the dig for the authentic self. Lindsey has been a devoted student of yoga and Ayurveda since 2009. Her personal practice has changed her life in infinite ways – most of all, it has helped her feel more lovingly situated within herself.

Lindsey brings all of herself to her yoga classes. She puts her brains and sweat and heart and soul into her teaching because she loves it and feels called to share the tools that have helped her navigate the complex experience of being human.

Lindsey’s classes include playful and dynamic movement with an emphasis on presence and smart sequencing. Her goal is to create a loving, safe container for you to gain the clarity necessary to heal and experience wholeness.

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