1/27/18 Yoga w/ Live Music
Frank Wildermann 
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm $30 / $25 Member Price View More

Join Frank and his pal and professional Broadway musician, Michael Preen for a 90min yoga class to the backdrop sounds of Michael’s fretless bass.

Similar to many traditional Indian instruments, the bass’ frequencies travel slower and longer and will provide a hypnotic, ethereal and mediative soundtrack to a deep and mindful asana flow. Come get your groove on!

*This class is for students with an ongoing yoga practice.

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2/04/18 What is Bhakti Yoga?
Julie Pasqual 
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Suggested donation of $15, all donations will be accepted. View More

In the ancient Yoga text, The Bhagavad Gita, the main character
Arjuna, asks a very good question, “How does one live a life that is
not tied into materialism, a life where one can connect to their
compassionate nature, while at the same time actually live in a
material world?”.

The answer is Bhakti!!!!! Participants will hear about the path and practices of Bhakti Yoga, a system designed to reconnect ourselves to that which is higher than
ourselves, while living right here, in the “real world”.

yogamaya, jill futtergraph photography, bhakti yoga, yogamaya, julie pasqual

All proceeds will go to Healthy Humor Inc, an arts organization whose professional performers create moments of joy, wonder, laughter, and comfort for hospitalized children. www.Healthyhumorinc.org

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2/10/18 Better Together!
w/ Frank & Halima 
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm $65 / $58 Member (Price per Duo) View More

A steady, sweaty and sweet workshop for you and a friend.

In this active two hour workshop, we will warm up our bodies moving through the sun salutations in unison with our partners to sharpen our focus. We will re-discover familiar asanas in playful and creative ways with the support of our friends.

Lastly, we will give one another clear and thoughtful hands-on assists in some final restorative poses.

This class takes two, so grab a buddy!

Open to all levels.

Fine Print:
Advanced Registration Recommended!
Only one member of the duo needs to reserve a spot and only one member of the duo needs to be a Member to get the Member price.
All workshops have a 48-hour cancellation policy!

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2/16/18 Monthly Restorative w/ Reiki & Essential Oils
Jessica Swesey 
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm $30 / $25 Member Price View More

Jess will bring her healing touch with Reiki and Essential Oils to this Restorative Yoga experience.

Our most gentle class is appropriate for everyone! No Yoga Experience Necessary!

Bolsters, blankets, blocks, and the occasional chair help to organize the body in relaxing poses that create space, openness, and awareness. Restorative poses align the breath, decompress the inner body, and leave you feeling refreshed and perfectly at ease!

Please arrive safely and on time, there is no late entry to this class. 48 Hour Cancellation policy.

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2/17/18 Member + Teacher Class
Bryn Chrisman 
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm $0, because we love you. View More

Stop at or call the front desk to REGISTER. For members (Infinity + Warrior 5) and teachers and teacher trainees only!

Our 1st Ever
Register Online or at the Desk.

2/24/18 Inversions for Beginners!
Frank Wildermann 
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm $35 / $30 Member Price View More

So you’re in class and the instructor says it’s time for an inversion. How do you respond?

A) Heart palpitations and sweaty palms.
B) Duck and cover and run to the bathroom.
C) Take child’s pose and keep your head down until it’s over.
D) All of the above

If inversions make you nervous this is the workshop for you! Together we will warm up the body and prepare ourselves in the right way to go upside down. We will examine, deconstruct, and explore the proper preparations and alignment for shoulderstands and handstands. We will use props, partners, and the wall to safely find ways to get more comfortable turning ourselves upside down. The hope is by the time you are finished with this workshop, inverting the heart above the head will fill you with joy instead of dread.

This workshop is recommended for students with an ongoing Level 1 practice.

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3/03/18 Ayurveda for your Life
w/ Claudia Gukeisen 
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm $225 / $200 Early Bird before Feb 24 View More

Ayurveda gives you tools to uncover the wisdom already inherent in you. This ancient system believes there are three bio-energies that control each person’s physical, mental and emotional characteristics – and that knowing your unique bio-energy (Dosha) is essential to health, well-being and longevity.

Learn the keys to your optimal health. Balance your daily and seasonal health challenges using the principles of Ayurveda. Through this healing system, you will understand how food, routines, environment and beliefs affect your health.

Suitable for all people curious about themselves with no need of prior study.

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3/17/18 Level Up! Transitioning from Level 1 to Level 2
Halima Henderson 
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm $30 / $25 Member Price View More

Curious and ready to take your practice to the next level?

This workshop will prepare you to confidently step up to ongoing Level 2 classes. We’ll break down chaturanga, hopping forward and back, how to deepen some of the foundational poses and look at a few of the tricker transitions you might find on your mat. There will be plenty of space to ask questions and we’ll discuss ways to deepen your practice BEYOND the physical.

This encouraging and lighthearted workshop will end with a fun mini-flow to put together everything we’ve learned! Workshop is not suitable for beginners. Participants should have an ongoing and consistent Level 1 practice.

Limited to 20.

3/31/18 Core Work for Arm Balancing
Anna Greenberg 
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm $35 / $30 Member Price View More

Core integration work for arm balancing. Unlock the secrets to take flight using just your own body and the ground as a launch pad!

We will break down the key actions behind these powerful shapes, connect the small parts of ourselves to the greater whole, lift up and fly!

Learn skills to gain confidence and grace, even though it might take a few face plants and laughs to get there!

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4/07/18 -
Yoga Sutra Study
Prof. Edwin Bryant 
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm $50 One / $90 Both View More

Professor Edwin Bryant, Bhakti yoga practicioner, PhD Scholar and Head of Religious Studies at Rutgers, joins us for an illuminating weekend studying Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Saturday + Sunday 1230-6pm

Professor Bryant wrote wonderful this wonderful book:

His book teaches us the words, history and deep interpretations behind the words of the ancient teachings of “what is yoga, how to approach and practice yoga and what you get from yoga”.

Best if you can bring a copy of Prof. Bryant’s Yoga Sutra commentary for reference. Any copy of the Yoga Sutras would work also!

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4/14/18 -
Asana Weekend w/
Kevin Gardiner 
  $200 Wknd / $80 Sat Only $150 Sunday Only View More

Saturday 1-4pm Asana, Sunday 1-4 Asana and 4-6 Restorative.

Kevin is one of the most inspiring yoga teachers in the world today, but lives very far away in Budapest so do not miss this. We encourage early sign-up as this weekend has limited space and will sell out in advance.

All participants are encouraged to attend the entire weekend as it is cohesive, but for those who can only attend a portion it with charged by day.

Kevin teaches in a way that transforms your existence. His teaching is highly detailed and textured, seamlessly incorporating components of yoga philosophy and the sutras, while challenging students to gain greater sensitivity and awareness in each asana. He has a tremendous practical understanding of the living anatomy of the human body, and a lighthearted and off-beat sense of humor. We are very honored to host him at Yogamaya and hope you take advantage of this experience. Kevin is a native New Yorker studying yoga since 1970, and teaching since 1982. He is a Senior Intermediate 1 Iyengar teacher.

4/28/18 Aligning with Your Heart’s Desire
Stacey Brass 
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm $45 / $40 Member Price View More

Experience Asana, Pranayama and Meditation as powerful tools for transformation as you clarify a vision for what you want, remove obstacles and uncover a path towards empowered action. Expect to move, breathe, relax, brainstorm and shift your beliefs about what is possible.

Please bring a journal and a pen!

Open to all levels but some yoga experience is recommended.

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4/28/18 Free Info Session
w/ Anna & Bridgette 
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Be Our Guest View More

Join Senior Teachers Anna Greenberg and Bridgette Trezza for an informational session about our upcoming 200 hour Summer Intenstive teacher training. In this informal setting, you’ll meet some of our teachers and former trainees.

Please RSVP to TTinfo@yogamayanewyork.com if you plan on attending.

Summer Intensive 200 Hour Training
July 9-August 5th 2018
with Anna Greenberg, Bridgette Trezza, Bryn Chrisman + Faculty
Early Bird Rate $3050 w/ $1500 deposit by May 15th ($3400 After)
Payment Plans Available