Bring Us to You

Stacey and Bryn are available to come to YOUR studio to teach their unique workshops and share Kirtan!  We offer a variety of options that we customize to best suit your yoga community and students.  We can adapt our workshops to accommodate all levels, and depending on schedule and location, can come together or separately for one or two days.

Below is a selection of workshops that Stacey and Bryn teach or we can create a new workshop if you have a special request.

The Alignment of Devotion
This is a workshop or weekend that Stacey and Bryn can teach TOGETHER.  In addition to teaching strong alignment based Vinyasa classes, Bryn and Stacey can share Kirtan with your students.  Leading Kirtans around the world, Bryn is an devotional singer that has been studying with her teacher Jai Uttal for more than 4 years.  In addition, Stacey is a professional singer and lover of Kirtan. Together they create a fun and devotional atmosphere for even those students who may be brand new to Kirtan.  A one day or weekend workshop would include asana workshops or creative Vinyasa classes with Stacey and Bryn, ecstatic Kirtan, and great storytelling of the Gods and Goddesses!

Hips, Knees and Happy Lotus! with Stacey
Since ancient times the LOTUS has symbolized exceptional beauty, grace and divinity.  Rooting itself in the collected debris at the bottom of lakes, the Lotus emerges through the muddy water, only to reveal its unstained Blossom, floating on the surface just out of reach.

Considered to be the “Royal Posture”, PADMASANA can be as elusive as it is glamorous in its achievement.  Just as we encounter many challenges on the path towards spiritual awareness, for many of us the road to Lotus presents many physical obstacles to overcome.

The thorough and thoughtful opening of the hips and knees becomes the sunlight required for the Lotus to bloom!  (2.5 or 3 Hours)

Flexibility, Strength, Courage & The Art of Backbending with Stacey
The term “bending over backwards” is often used to describe the action of doing something difficult, or going out of one’s way to please another.  This could very well be because the physical act of bending the spine backwards is truly difficult, or it could also be because bending backwards takes a tremendous amount of letting go and opening of the heart which requires true courage.

In either case, the backbending poses in yoga have always been considered some of the most challenging and exhilarating poses to practice.  In this workshop, we will explore how the opening of the chest, shoulders and legs are essential preparation for moving into backbends.  Learn how key points of alignment may help you find just the right amount of strength, courage and letting go to allow you to practice these poses pain-free and with great abandon!

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