Asana, Sequencing, Injuries & Assists

Nov 1st – Nov 9th, 2014
Stacey Brass + Bryn Chrisman + Deb Bagg + Jonathan Fitzgordon
Monday-Friday 8am-5:15pm, 2 Saturdays 1-9pm, 2 Sundays 1-7:30pm
$1000 – Payment Plan Possible

Teachers completing a full 300 Hour Certification will receive their 4th module for $500.

Yogamaya offers our 300hr Advanced Teacher Training certification in the form of four 9-Day Intensive Trainings. The modules will cover mostly ASANA related topics: Asana, Sequencing, Injuries & Assisting

In this module teachers will learn the Yogamaya method of DISSECTING THE POSE, how to teach ALIGNMENT for specific poses, how to choose and use specific ASASAS to teach foundational actions of yoga, how to choose TALKING POINTS/FOCUSES for classes, SEQUENCING, using PROPS for advanced teaching, and more.  Built in to the time is lively discussion about the role of the teacher, relationships, how to handle individual issues, the passion of teaching and how to share the philosophy and practice of Yoga in a way that is authentic and tailored to specific classroom environments.

Over the years we have seen that this is the primary need of teachers who have only done a 200 Hour Training. All of our Advanced Teacher Training modules will cover high level sequencing concepts, class construction and structure, how to break down and teach more complex asanas, the use of props for advanced practice, understanding and how to work with injuries, hands-on-assisting, and how to appropriately teach different levels.

ALL of our modules have emphasis on how to continue to develop and improve one’s teaching skills and how to bring the information in the training into the classroom successfully.

Our philosophy is that certifications are not meant to be racked up in rapid succession and should have some sort of meaning and pedigree. In an attempt to slow down any sense of urgency or rushing to complete a 300 Hour Training, we feel this is a way that we can offer the high caliber trainings that we are known for and to give teachers the space and time to get the most of them.

Each module can stand alone as 75-Hours of Continuing Education or 4 different modules taken over whatever period of time works for the individual can be accrued to obtain a 300 Hour Certification from Yogamaya. Modules are made up of 60 in class hours and 15 hours of additional assigned work depending on the module. This may be in the form of assisting, case-studies, written assignments and meeting with mentors.

Our 2015 Advanced Study Modules will be announced soon.

If you are interested in attending the Advanced Teacher Training, please contact for all inquires.

Our Curriculum

Dissecting the Pose
Understanding Foundational Actions in Yoga
Assisting & How to See Students Bodies
Using Props Effectively
How to Handle Injuries, Your’s & Your Student’s

Our Teachers

Bryn Chrisman
Stacey Brass
Deborah Bagg
Jonathan Fitzgordon