New to Yogamaya?

We welcome all level of students to YOGAMAYA, from Brand New Beginner to Very Advanced.

For Brand New students we offer Level 1 classes everyday and our popular Yogamaya 101 4-week course to get a solid foundation in a workshop environment.

Level 1 classes begin to incorporate basic poses and detailed teaching of the transitional movements used in Vinyasa classes. (See also: Class Descriptions)

It’s best to choose a level of class that is suitable to your level of practice. This will enhance your experience! To read a listing of our classes and descriptions, click here.

Class Etiquette Requests:

  1. Please choose the level of class that is appropriate to you.  If you are a more advanced student taking a less advanced level class, we ask that you respectfully follow the instruction of the teacher and not perform more advanced variations of the poses being offered.
  2. All classes end on time. On occasion students need to leave class early.  Please notify the teacher at the beginning of the class if you need to leave early and kindly leave before Savasana, final resting pose.
  3. If arriving late for a class, please do not stress out or cultivate anxiety for yourself or fellow beings! If there is room in the class, the front desk will allow students a 5 minutes grace period for the hour classes, and a slightly longer grace period for a longer class.  The front desk is empowered with using their discretion for lateness to the longer classes, depending on the class size, teacher preference, and overall situation.  Please respect their good judgement.
  4. We kindly ask that if you do enter a class that has already begun, please take a seat in the back until the teacher indicates for you to get set up.