Class Descriptions

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YOGAMAYA classes are dynamic yoga classes in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga.  Vinyasa yoga is to flow or move, with intention, from one asana to the next, to arrive at a particular point, physically and spiritually. A YOGAMAYA asana class combines alignment, devotion (Bhakti), and philosophy.

Each teacher has their own unique approach to sharing a Vinyasa class, but all YOGAMAYA classes will include heat building Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) and well rounded sequences that incorporate all the physical movements (standing poses, hip opening poses, twisting poses, balancing poses, inversions, back extensions, forward bending, and final resting pose).

We have gathered highly dedicated teachers in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga, who through their unique expression and personal experiences share with you exceptional and authentic teachings.

Beginner Fundamentals
This class is Yogamaya’s Level 0/1 ongoing class for yoga newbies. In this class you will learn the basic poses at a slower pace than Level 1 classes, begin to discover what Yoga is, and enjoy practicing with other beginning yogis!

No previous experience or flexibility necessary.

Level 1
This class is geared towards beginners new to yoga and any student who wants to refine Level 1 poses. A Level 1 class emphasizes proper alignment, incorporates basic poses and includes detailed teachings of the transitional movements used in Vinyasa classes. This class will also introduce Level 2 poses with great detail.

Level 2 & Hour Level 2
This class is geared towards students who already have an understanding of the basic poses and transitional movements of a Vinyasa class (downward dog, plank pose, caturanga or going all the way to the floor, cobra or upward dog, stepping forward, etc).  In this class expect to go deeper into the more subtle aspects of the basic poses, more dynamic and creative sequences, longer holds of poses, more challenging intermediate poses, and introduction to other yogic practices.

Level 2/3
This is simply a mixed-level class appropriate for Level 2 and Level 3 students. Variations & modifications will be offered to allow students to practice at their own individual level while keeping with the general class flow and energy.

Level 3
This class is geared towards the student with a strong ongoing practice.  In this class you can expect more challenging poses and variations, dynamic sequences, and exploration of the subtler aspects of yoga and yogic practices (like bandhas, pranayama, chanting, mudra, etc).

Big Juicy
These weekend Level 3 classes are taught by Studio Directors Stacey Brass and Bryn Chrisman. With a little extra time, these hour and forty five minute classes are our MAHA classes of the week with inspired soundtracks, juicy sequences, and space for Big transformation.

Open to all levels, this class is designed to cultivate a sense of quiet in our busy lives and provide students the time to be patient with the self and look within. This class is dedicated to a series of yin poses, which are quiet, long holds, actively passive, and on the ground meant to create space in the sheath of connective tissue surrounding the hips. Class ends with breathwork and a long savasana. Suitable for students of all levels, yin offers the room to look inwardly and discover.


All of YOGAMAYA’s classes are based in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga. The different levels of class indicate

  • level of difficulty of class (asana performed, intensity of sequences, length of holding poses, etc)
  • level of subtle advanced detail offered, and
  • performance of subtler practices (pranayama [techniques to control life force and the mind], bandhas [internal locks], chanting, sharing of yoga philosophy, etc.)