Our Space

Welcome Home

The essence of any Yoga studio is its heartbeat, soul, and the shared experience of people coming together. 

The design of the outer environment also affects the quality of our inner environment and awareness. We have incorporated several principles into the design of our space to create a sublime experience and a touch of feeling that you are in a temple in India, but also in the heart of New York City. 

Our studio has been designed with a free-flowing layout to allow for ease of movement and a relaxed environment before and after classes.

Natural light has been introduced into the practice studios and common areas by means of large skylights in order to enhance the feeling of openness and to maintain a connection with the natural rhythms of daylight and weather.

Each of our practice studios and the common areas have individual environmental controls and ceiling fans to appropriately tune the temperature and air movement before, during, and after practice.

Our space has been designed to accommodate twelve individual changing spaces within a common area to foster a more communal experience while making allowances for privacy, flexibility, and efficiency.

The common changing space has been designed to provide two individual bathrooms, and an additional large common sink outside of the bathrooms to allow for quick wash-ups. Cleanliness is close to Godliness!

Abundant coat and shoe storage is provided.

Each of the practice studios have places to keep personal belongings during class.

We offer free & sanitary storage accommodations for your personal yoga mats with the purchase of a class card.