About Us

YOGAMAYA is a studio where EVERYTHING IS YOGA. Our focus is to bring asana, kirtan, and spiritual teachings together under one roof to offer students & teachers alike a full & rich yoga experience.  Our asana classes combine alignment, devotion, and philosophy in the traditional style of Vinyasa.

YOGAMAYA was created out of the shared vision of Bryn Chrisman, Stacey Brass and Glenn Riis.  With their friendship as a foundation and tremendous mutual respect for each other’s teaching, Stacey and Bryn began brainstorming while leading their first retreat together in India.  Inspired by living Temples and the integration of Spiritual Teachings into daily life, they dreamed of a space where they themselves would be able to continue learning and studying by bringing together teachers, scholars, and Kirtan leaders of the highest caliber.

It was only when Glenn, one of their regular students, mentioned his own dream of opening a yoga studio that they all started to take this idea very seriously.    After a career on Wall Street, Glenn had completed his teaching certification and was ready for change.  Almost too good to be true, the three realized that their combined knowledge, experience and passion would make it possible to turn their vision into reality.

After many years of practicing and teaching around New York City, Bryn, Stacey and Glenn have built a special place to provide you with what they hope to be a comfortable and sacred place to call your Yoga home.

The potent Sanskrit word YOGAMAYA means the most intimate personal power that gives life, liveliness, and Bliss to the entire Divine phenomena, including the source of all existence. It means a power of all-doing capability. Yogamaya creates an atmosphere whereby the living being can penetrate the world’s illusion and relish the intimacy with the source of all existence…