Stacey Brass

Stacey has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade. 

Starting out as a performer at the age of 10, her career in musical theatre and dance quite naturally led her to discover the beautiful and flowing movement of Vinyasa Yoga. In 2001 while looking for an alternative to waiting tables until the next acting job, Stacey completed her 200 Hour Certification and began teaching immediately all over New York City.

Before long, she realized that her passion for yoga easily translated in to teaching and wanting to share it with other people. Having studied acting as well as philosophy and psychology at New York University, Stacey’s interest in Yoga is not limited to the physical practice. Known for her particular attention to detail in the poses and extensive knowledge of the body, her deep fascination with the nature of the mind and yoga’s effects on the psyche and energetic body has profoundly influenced her teaching.

Over the years she has studied with various teachers such as Rodney Yee and Carrie Owerko who have deepened her knowledge of how the alignment of the physical body has a direct effect on the alignment of the mind.

Stacey’s teaching style is characterized by warmth, a sense of humor and accessibility.  Her challenging classes are known for their creative and precise sequencing, great music, and inspired enthusiasm.

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