Cristina Schulman

Cristina’s yoga path began in 2002 when she took a yogic philosophy class at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. She found herself immediately inspired by the teachings of her seventy five year old Yogi professor. “He talked about the BREATH and the NOW and shined so brightly. I remember wanting to shine like that.”

After that life changing class, Cristina dove into a deep yoga ocean- studying many styles and with many teachers. Ultimately she landed at Laughing Lotus where she completed her 200 hr TT with Yogamaya’s studio directors Stacey Brass and Bryn Chrisman.

Cristina believes in a strong emphasis on proper alignment and fun sequencing while encouraging her students to explore individual expression. “I like to move in a way that feels like I’m really exploring what the human body can do. I like to be encouraged to look at the things that are uncomfortable or scary so that I don’t hold any of that in my body or mind. These are the elements that I bring to my classes- mindful, blissful, deep self-study.”

So much gratitude and love go out to Cristina’s teachers Stacey and Bryn, as well as all of her teachers and students of the past, present, and future.

Cristina is the founder of Just OM it; a health, wellness, and yoga website.