Anna Greenberg

Anna is excited to be a part of the Yogamaya community. She felt a strong connection the moment she entered the studio, and by the end of her first class she knew she had found a new home. Her mother, a lifelong practitioner, first introduced Anna to yoga. The sounds of her mother chanting used to make her laugh and even roll her eyes, but eventually & inevitably the yoga practices crept inside her soul and she was begging her mom to give her classes and tell her what studios to go to!

Anna teaches a challenging vinyasa class with attention to proper alignment, creating a safe space where practitioners of all levels can challenge, nourish, and expand their bodies and minds through the Yoga practice.

Through Yoga Anna has found the stability and strength to begin to embrace and find joy in the wonderfully unstable nature of life. She is a graduate of the 2010 Jivamukti 300 hour teacher training, as well as the 2010 200 hour Prajna Yoga teacher training, and has completed her apprenticeship with the lovely ladies at Mala Yoga. Anna is continuously grateful to and inspired by all of her wonderful teachers and students. They infuse her life and practice with knowledge, joy, and an endless curiosity and passion to teach and continue to travel this beautiful path.

Endless thanks to Stephanie, Angela, Christina, and Jen for their abundant love, support, and guidance.