Deborah Bagg

A native South African, Deborah’s love for yoga began on a trip to the island of Mauritius in 1996, where she discovered the magic of the body moving into stillness.

Since then, Deborah has studied a number of different styles of yoga beginning first with Sivananda Yoga in India and South Africa. Deborah eventually moved to Boulder, CO to obtain her Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology and Play Therapy from Naropa University.

It was in Boulder where she discovered the profound teachings of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga with Sofia Diaz, her life-long teacher. Through these years of intensive training with Sofia, Deborah understood the ecstatic, devotional and beautiful nature of what true heart opening meant. Yoga is a living experience, that naturally brings transformational and a sweet sensitivity to life.

In 2006 Deborah completed her Vinyasa Teacher’s Training at Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio in Manhattan.

Deborah challenges her students to confront comfort zones and their perceived limitations with compassion, discipline, and a sense of humor. Deborah’s classes are both creative and challenging, focusing on the outer body as an expression of the inner body.

Deborah invites her students to stay present moment to moment in order to deepen his or her own understanding of the nature of Self. Each class is an opportunity to create spaciousness, skilled awareness and heart awakening.