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The 1st Yoga Studio My Boyfriend Loves Too!

I adore Yogamaya! It is the perfect blend of incredible asana classes, spiritual teachings, awesome instructors — and the most gorgeous studio. Yogamaya’s vibe is so super welcoming, its the 1st yoga studio that my boyfriend loves too! I look forward to Yogamaya’s classes and endless calendar of events because there’s an infectiously peaceful feeling that stays with me when I leave. I’m so grateful I found my yoga home in New York City!

Stacey’s classes rock! She is hilarious, weaves incredible teachings into her asana classes and explains alignment better than anyone. She is gifted and humble — and the 1st teacher to remember my name after one class!

I love Bryn’s classes! Her infectiously warm personality and playful asana teachings make her class memorable. Her knowledge and love of Kirtan is absolutely contagious. I’m so grateful to have Bryn and Yogamaya in my life!

~ Alanna Thompson, Yogamaya Student

Inspiring Place to Practice the Art of Living…

As a long time student of Bryn and Stacey’s, I eagerly awaited the opening of their new studio. To me, Yogamaya is more than a beautiful space to practice asana, but rather an inspiring place to practice the art of living. Whether I’m focusing on my alignment, synchronizing my breath with a pose, or listening to the teacher chant at the start of class; I always leave feeling rejuvenated and challenged. The challenge isn’t necessarily competitive, but rather to look inward and strive to learn, grow, receive and ultimately to give – hence, to practice the art of living.

~ Denise Gilson, Yogamaya Student & mother of 2 other Yogamaya Students!

Yoga Sutra Weekend w/ Professor Edwin Bryant

We are thrilled to welcome Professor Edwin Bryant back to Yogamaya for another engaging and illuminating weekend.  Professor Bryant is one of the most regarded and brilliant scholars in the world and we are honored that he includes Yogamaya in the small group of schools that he visits each year. 

Professor Edwin Bryant joins us for an illuminating weekend studying The Yoga Sutras. This weekend is part of Yogamaya’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program but is open to the public for registration in order to share the teachings of Professor Bryant with as many eager students as would like to attend! Please bring Prof. Bryant’s Yoga Sutra commentary for reference.

We recommend that you attend the ENTIRE weekend of this program if you are able.

As a personal practitioner of yoga for over 30 years, a number of them spent in India studying with traditional teachers, where he returns yearly, Edwin strives to combine academic scholarship and rigor with sensitivity towards traditional knowledge systems. In addition to his academic course load, Edwin currently teaches workshops on the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and Hindu Philosophy at yoga studios and teacher training courses throughout the country. His translation of and commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (North Point Press, a division of Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2009) is specifically dedicated to contributing to the growing body of literature on yoga by providing insights from the major pre-modern commentaries on the text with a view to grounding the teachings in their traditional context.