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Change Your Walk, Change Your Life

Walking is the best way to bring permanent change to the body—because we all do it, and we do it over and over again.

The human body will accept any pattern we put into it whether that pattern is good or bad. This is how chronic injuries develop out of seemingly innocent or even unknown events. We must live a conscious life and the CoreWalking program offers you a means to change a lifetime of conditioned patterns and walk through life as a new you. This workshop with provide your with the basic cues that will change your walk forever.

The CoreWalking Program was born out of Jonathan FitzGordon‘s personal and professional experience with changing the body’s habitual movement patterns through self-awareness and repetition. The program’s philosophy rests on the rock solid belief in our ability to change and evolve as we age.

Jonathan FitzGordon is a yoga teacher and creator of the FitzGordon Method Core Walking Program. He is psoatically obsessed and thinks the psoas is the answer to any question about the body.

Ancient Teachings/Modern Life:

Yogamaya welcomes DDS for 3 talks this spring that show how Ancient Teachings translate into Modern Life. You can attend all three as a series, or attend whichever ones you are able. These gatherings are important for spiritual understanding and bringing joy to everyday life.

Friday May 16th, 7:30-9pm
Can God be Blue?

A Study of Krishna

Watch this sweet video of Dhanrudhara Swami with sweet pictures and wise quotes from his teachings.

We are graced to know Dhanurdhara Swami as a friend & spiritual mentor. ”DDS” (as we affectionately refer to him) is a dynamic speaker filled with knowledge and depth of perspective.  One of his great gifts is his ability to speak on high subjects in a way that is practical, simple to understand, relatable, and connected to real life.

Joanne Silver

Joanne’s life changed the first time she stepped onto a yoga mat. She knew she had found a way of moving and being that could open her body, yet soothe her soul. It was after discovering a yoga studio in her West Village neighborhood that she began to deepen her exploration of yoga. She resonated with the fun, flow-like vinyasa style of yoga taught there, and went on to complete her yoga teacher training with the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2002. She has been teaching yoga ever since.

The yoga practice has taught her that being flexible is often more a state of mind than a physical state of being. Never-the-less, she can now touch her toes with ease, and is living proof that with perseverance, and a lot of fun along the way, you can make life-long changes to your body and, in turn, your whole being. Her passion lies in teaching those new to yoga.

Joanne’s interest in Eastern philosophy began while studying at Ithaca College. In conjunction with her degree in Communications, she minored in Mystical and Spiritual Religion. She enjoys weaving theories from varied spiritual traditions throughout her classes.

Joanne teaches at yoga studios and corporations around Manhattan, and has an established list of private clientele. She has mentored numerous times in yoga teacher training programs and enjoys leading retreats to far-flung places.

She studied restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater and is a certified “Relax and Renew” teacher. Her therapeutic yoga training was completed with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal. She is certified in pre-natal yoga with Mary Barnes. In addition, Joanne completed her training in Reflexology through the New York Open Center in 2000 and her Reiki Master training with Mary Mallon in 1999.

When not teaching, Joanne can be found hiking, skiing, taking photographs and enjoying life in the Big Apple. She often flies home to visit her family in her native England, where vacations in Cornwall involve cream teas, and long walks along the coast with the family dog.