Friday July 25th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Yoga w/ Yogamaya & Live Music by THE HANUMEN at THE RUBIN Museum
Bryn, Stacey, Gaura Vani & The Hanumen


Inspired by ancient art, music and practices of the East, Yogamaya founders Bryn Chrisman and Stacey Brass create an illuminating journey that will nourish your senses, body, mind and heart.

Our evening will begin with a specially selected guided tour of art at the Rubin. After uncovering some of the deeper meanings and archetypical truths contained within the artworks, we will journey into the theater where you will be bathed in beautiful sacred music offered by The Hanumen.

Our exploration continues with a heart opening yoga class co-taught by Bryn and Stacey, and accompanied by live mantra music. A short group Kirtan will conclude this soul-stirring evening of beauty!


$50 or enter special code MAYA at checkout to save $5 PLEASE view the link & BUY TIX THROUGH HERE!

Saturday June 21st, 1-3:30pm

Some say that Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations contain the entire yoga practice within them. Literally translating to ADORING or BOWING TO (Namas) the SUN (Surya), the Sun Salutations are made up of a wide range of movements: forward bends, backbends, spine lengthening, grounding the feet, being still, strengthening the upper body, stretching the hamstrings, expanding the lungs and sacred Mudras. We use them to create heat, to help get the prana within moving, and to help us shift from a place of stagnancy to a place of vitality (both physically and emotionally).

What would happen if we explore these movements, this creation of vibrancy, this moving prayer TRULY as way to usher in the Summer on the Solstice when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky? And what if we included the sacred number 108 and committed our minds and bodies to this moving meditation to push past physical exhaustion and mental distraction and create a living and breathing Mala of Asana?

Join Frank for this auspicious celebration of the sun and community and find out!

Sunday April 13th, 1-3:30pm
Hip Opening & Forward Bending Workshop

Tight joints and muscles do much more that affect your yoga practice! Loosening up your body can and will have profound effects on both your yoga practice and your daily life. Learn what it means to open your hips and lengthen your hamstrings in this workshop with Jonathan FitzGordon.

Jonathan FitzGordon is a yoga teacher and creator of the FitzGordon Method Core Walking Program. He is psoatically obsessed and thinks the psoas is the answer to any question about the body.

Friday April 11th, 7-9pm
Inversions for Beginners w/ Frank!

So you’re in class and the instructor says it’s time for an inversion. How do you respond?

A) Heart palpitations and sweaty palms.
B) Duck and cover and run to the bathroom.
C) Take child’s pose and keep your head down until it’s over.
D) All of the above

If inversions make you nervous this is the workshop for you! Together we will warm up the body and prepare ourselves in the right way to go upside down. We will examine, deconstruct, and explore the proper preparations and alignment for shoulderstands and handstands. We will use props, partners, and the wall to safely find ways to get more comfortable turning ourselves upside down. The hope is by the time you are finished with this workshop, inverting the heart above the head will fill you with joy instead of dread.

This workshop is recommended for students with an ongoing Level 1 practice.

Saturday April 12th, 8-10pm
Kirtan w/ Daniel Paul & Gina Sala

You are invited to a great night of kirtan, a musical call to the divine, an opening of the heart and a ton of fun!

Gina Sala is a kirtan singer who captures the sweet and silky essence of traditional Indian vocal traditions, singing with a tenderness that draws the listener deep into the heart of devotion.

Daniel is a super studied and amazing tabla player. He spent over 12 years in a kirtan duo with Jai Uttal and traveling around the world playing tabla with all kinds of other great kirtan leaders!

Saturday: May 17 - 12:45pm-1:45pm
Monthly Inversion Lab w/ Anna

Monthly Inversion class is designed for you to focus entirely on going upside-down for one hour! Each class will have a short warm up but will mainly focus on one or two inversions each class – handstands, forearmstands, headstands and shoulderstands – using the walls and sometimes partners. Anna will focus on preparations, what to know, ways to work on the pose even if you can’t get up yet and proper alignment.

This class will only have a MAX of 22 students per class so advance sign up is HIGHLY recommended!

If you sign up in advance using your class cards you MUST cancel in advance – no shows WILL be charged (repeated no-shows with unlimited will be restricted from signing up!). This class is designed to fit right after the Sat morning classes and right before Anna’s 2pm! Level 2 and up.

PRICING:$20 Drop In or use a class from your Full-Length Class Card. 1 class + $6 for Hour Class Card holders.

**If you sign up in advance using your class cards you MUST cancel in advance – no shows WILL be charged (repeated no-shows with unlimited will be restricted from signing up!).

Friday January 24th, 7-9pm
The Bliss of Amrita Women’s Workshop w/ Deb Bagg

In this two hour practice, we will dive into the blissful state of Amrita, or the nectar that is produced from your own body. In the intimate company of women, we gain greater access to oxytocin, the hormone of bliss that simply feels good and helps us to stay connected and feel happy. We will meditate, chant, practice deep healing asanas and kriyas, and do hands-on practice with each other to support the great opening that is shared in the great company of women.

The workshop is open to all women. Bring yourself, as you are. If you have a particular poem or song that you would like to share, please bring it to the workshop.

“This is a place for you to go…a place of women, to help you learn the ways of women…a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as you sought to become yourself. A place of women to help you find and trust the ancient flow already there within yourself…waiting to be released… A place of women…” ~ Judith Duerk, Circle of stones.

Sunday January 12th, 1:00-3:30pm
Vinyasa Breakdown: Moving from Level 1 to 2 w/ Lisa Bermudez

Are you just wondering what it takes to make that transition from your level 1 yoga classes into a level 2?

Have you ever been in a yoga class and wondered what the transition from Caturanga into Upward Facing Dog should look like? Do you look around the room and wonder what your knees are doing? What your chest, abdominals, toes, and eyes are doing? Did you know that doing these key asanas incorrectly for a long period of time can cause injuries? This workshop is for you!

Join Lisa for an illuminating workshop breaking down these common poses as well as the transitions into and out of them. Lisa will help you find your proper alignment, move from pose to pose with clarity, and offer up ways to continue to build strength and offer possible modifications so you can move forward and continue to learn and work!

Friday December 6th, 8pm - 11pm
Kirtan w/ Ladies Kirtan Crew
w/ Many Ladies from the Bhakti Tradition


no cost

We are hosting a sweet evening of devotional kirtan with a Ladies Kirtan Crew. We will focus our attention and heart to sing for the pleasure of Radha & Krishna.

The crew leading the kirtan will be women of bhakti from all over. Please come and engage your spirit in a night of singing and hearing the holy name. ALL PEOPLE are invited to attend and participate.

Saturday March 15th, 1pm - 3pm
Intentional Writing through Asana w/ Emily

Explore the art of your self-expression through both yoga and writing, and use the asana practice as a tool to help you unlock thoughts that may be hiding within.

In this workshop, you will move through a mindful vinyasa flow that is sprinkled with points for you to stop and free-write.

In the second part of the workshop, you will learn about a simple poetic structure, and then use that structure to craft your own poem, which will be rooted in the ideas that sprung forth in the free-writing experience. Everyone will share his/her work in a safe and positive circle at the end of the session and partake in a conversation that explores the relationship of form and meaning.

All participants are welcome – this workshop is open to writers and yoga practitioners of all levels and abilities; all that is required is an excitement about the possibility of uncovering something deep and special along the journey of our time spent in the workshop.